Environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) is fast becoming an important company mission and competitive differentiator, driven by demand from customers, employees, board members and shareholders.

The question is, how can those working in the contact centre support this mission?

Organisations have developed a number of approaches to improve sustainability; we’ve been recycling for decades, migrating technology to the cloud and discovering new ways of working, such as remote working.

Leigh Hopwood, CEO at the CCMA, hosted an interactive session with a panel of industry experts and leaders, where they explored:

  • Who is responsible for ESG in the contact centre?
  • What should your ESG strategy include?
  • What are the benefits of having a clear approach to ESG?
  • What operating models support an approach to Net Zero?

Leigh was joined by Pippa Bailey, Head of Climate Change & Sustainability at Ipsos, Prashant Parekh, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at CitySprint and Mark Hand, Group Business Development Director at mobilityways.

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