Your brand, your sector and what you’re looking for can make recruiting for the frontline a challenge. That’s on top of the standard recruitment challenges that every organisation faces and the evidence to suggest that people who consider customer service standards to be declining are less likely to opt for a career in customer service.

How do you recruit new colleagues into the industry and retain them through the honeymoon period? In this one-hour online seminar, we explored:

  • The contact centre industry brand challenge – what we can do as an industry to attract people to work in the contact centre
  • Today’s recruitment issues and employee value proposition – with a specific focus on sectors that find it harder to attract and retain frontline colleagues
  • Retaining new frontline colleagues – setting expectations and demonstrating the contact centre is a great place to work

CCMA’s CEO, Leigh Hopwood, and Director of Membership and Learning, Kate Law, who’s responsible for bringing relevant training programmes to market through the UK National Contact Centre Academy, was joined by industry leaders, Jane Redgrave, Head of Consumer Retention at Bupa and Alice Bush, Head of Operations at Takepayments, in this insightful discussion.

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