How do you make sure your frontline agents and managers can keep up with your customers in a world that is changing so quickly? It takes two things: The first is an understanding of what is changing and what is driving that change. And the second is empathy so they are able to connect with what the customer is going through.

In recent years it seems the whole world has been thrown into turmoil, which means the pressures on society and individuals to change is much greater than normal. One thing that has changed is customer behaviour. They are less loyal, their needs are more complex, and they are far less willing to forgive mistakes or bad service.

To respond, contact centre professionals need to transition to the next chapter in customer interaction. This is a foundation course designed for team leaders, coaches and contact centre managers looking to evolve culture and competency in recognition that customers have moved on.

Course Description

This course delivers reskilling for a new world. Contact centre professionals are experiencing a transition to the next chapter in customer interaction. This is being driven by significant trends in the way customers and organisations engage:

  • Customers are in change mode. More leave for less reason. Loyalty is under threat. Organisations need an effective response.
  • Conversations are becoming more complex and take longer as self-service soaks up the simple stuff. Impact matters even more.
  • Lockdown has made things emotional. Sometimes unpleasantly so. Customer experience is defined by what is remembered.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciation of the key customer behaviours which have accelerated during lockdown and how they have influenced expectations.
  • Knowing why and when to use voice, text and video as omnichannel engagement grows.
  • Understanding a deeper psychology of customer interaction and the impact emotion plays in memorable experiences.
  • Greater self-awareness with an experiential dive into listening and empathy. Testing your capability to listen 100% and self-assessing your range of empathy behaviours.
  • Building your own mental model of how to deliver conversationally memorable outcomes and how to coach for experience gaps.
  • Onboarding a best practice hearts and mind checklist for building trust and co-operation.

Benefits to your business

Businesses that have the inside line on changing customer behaviour are not only able to respond faster than their competitors, they can also anticipate developments to steal a march on entirely new markets.

Investing in helping your people and managers understand your customers and their evolving needs will enable your business to respond better to customers’ real needs, helping to build deeper relationships that shut out your competition.

Course content

This 4-hour virtual training course will give you the understanding and skills to improve the outcome of conversations by delivering a more empathetic approach. It is designed as four sessions over three hours of learning covering:

  • New customer behaviours
  • Brains, emotion and customer experience
  • Empathy as a mindset and skill
  • The playbook for memorable outcomes

About the trainer

Martin Hill-Wilson has been delivering innovative learning programmes to customer facing teams for over four decades.  He blends his expertise in chairing, facilitation, thought leadership and mentoring with an early career immersion in experiential training to design effective and fulfilling learning journeys. They are also great fun to be part of and you are guaranteed to leave a Martin session with a whole new perspective.

What delegates say

“Martin was very knowledgeable and engaging, and I really enjoyed the course. The training raised so many important considerations for my company and the way we approach our own training and quality standards. It’s given me a lot to think about!”

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4-hour online session using Zoom or Teams.

Who is it for?

Contact Centre Managers, Team Managers, Team Leaders and Coaches looking to support their teams to develop their understanding of customer behaviour and develop their empathy skills.

Why should you go?

To learn techniques to help you to understand your customers better, that you can then apply to improve the outcome of conversations by delivering a more empathetic approach.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £299*

Non-members: £349*

*excludes VAT

Additional discounts available for group bookings