The migration to homeworking has revealed a new level of trust between organisations and their workforce. Contact centre leaders had no choice but to trust their workforce when side-by-side floor walking and listening in was no longer possible. And colleagues demonstrated just how trustworthy they are.

At a CCMA roundtable in March 2021 with contact centre leaders, the question was raised whether this level of trust was sustainable. The evidence suggested that it created a much more effective, more productive and more engaging workforce and that there was a great deal of hope that it would be part of the new hybrid model.

But is this level of trust already under threat? To debate this, last month we brought together two organisations that have renewed their operating model to one that is a genuine hybrid, built on trust and engagement.

In this highly interactive debate, Catherine Lindsay, Head of Customer Experience at Hitachi Capital and and Patricia Sanchez-Diaz from British Gas shared the transformational journey’s that these two organisations are on and we gave you an opportunity to ask them, and Mark Walton, CEO at Sensée (famous for its 100% work-from-home model) questions to support your own journey.

Some questions were raised that were not answered at the time. Here are the answers that you can download here.