Trusona delivers frictionless customer authentication to your contact centre with little or no IT change to reduce call flows and handling times and increase customer satisfaction.

Trusona helps make the identification and authentication of your customers effortless and secure over voice, chat, IVR or even in your digital channels.

Legacy authentication methods such as Secret Questions (aka Knowledge Based Authentication) or SMS One Time Pins (OTPs) increase call time, frustrate customers and are at risk to fraud.

More complex authentication experiences, like voice biometrics, are expensive, complex to deploy and have high customer enrolment barriers.

Trusona allows your customers to quickly and securely authenticate by simply tapping on a mobile web link on their smartphone.

We leverage industry standard security technology already built into most smartphones, so no app download is required. It’s quick, easy, cost effective to deploy and research shows customers love it.

Trusona can also integrate with your IVR system to authenticate customers while they wait, arriving at the agent fully identified and authenticated.

Read more and see our demo video here –

Trusona also helps make it easy and secure for your agents to login to their desktops when working at home – for more information see

Product enquiries: Olly Brough
Phone: +44 (0) 7823 538 872

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