Contact centre leaders have access to so much information and data, which is fundamental to tell the story, and recommend opportunities to drive improvements for the future.

There is so much data available in contact centre environments; however, what is important to your business area? And how does this impact your CX and EX?

This course is designed to help you as leaders understand the situation and be able to articulate the current state of play to recommend improvements and drive change.

Telling the story enables leaders to understand what the data is telling you so that you can see how the data impacts your customer or employee journeys, and be able to share recommendations to drive change.

Course Description

Great managers are nearly always great mentors, helping their teams to improve themselves and their skills. Coaching shouldn’t mean doing someone’s job for them or solving their problems.

It’s about giving them the tools and confidence to do their job to a high level and empowering them to overcome hurdles on their own.

In this course we will look at the difference between the directive approach of just telling someone what to do, and the non-directive approach of allowing them to practice and develop their skills.

We will look at different coaching behaviours and styles – such as the GROW and ABIDE coaching models – so you can understand which ones work best for you and your teams.

The benefits to your business of developing great coaching skills in Team Leaders and Managers is almost incalculable. Previous attendee organisations report seeing boosts to productivity, innovation, and employee engagement.

Learning outcomes

  • Using data to understand performance to be able to tell the story of impacts to employees, customers and your business.
  • Improving knowledge to understand the bigger picture.
  • Building confidence to provide recommendations to the business to drive improvements.
  • Developing skills to communicate effectively and to influence change.
  • Levelling up

Benefits to your business

  • Empowering contact centre leaders at the forefront of your operation to utilise data that is available to them and to recognise opportunities for improvements.
  • Developing and investing in leaders to organically grow and retain talent within your organisation.
  • Investing in leaders to be able to understand a challenge, be able to tell the story and drive improvements can provide the ability to drive change quicker.
  • Ability to highlight and prioritise opportunities to improve customer and employee experience.

Course content

Telling the story is designed to support leaders to build and learn how the data available to them as part of their role is used to understand impact to the customer, front line colleagues and organisation. Sometimes what can seem to be the smallest of changes can have a big impact, so building knowledge and confidence enables leaders to be empowered to drive positive change.

The workshop will provide leaders with the skills to enable them to be able to provide recommendations in line with your organisation change process to influence and drive improvements.

  • Let’s talk data – What data is available to you as leaders? What does it mean?
  • The bigger picture – using a case study to understand the impact of changes or when something goes wrong. Leaders will build their knowledge of the level of information required to tell the story!
  • Empowered leaders drive positive improvements – Leaders will learn techniques to create a recommendation for change articulating the situation, recommendation and impacts.
  • Delegates will develop skills and learn new techniques to communicate the change and practice delivery to influence change.
  • Leaders will build confidence to enable them to communicate and influence change with senior leaders from across their organisation.

About the trainer

Jenifer Lord is a highly skilled coach and facilitator who has worked with many prestigious clients and organisations all over the UK and in South Africa, India and USA. Having gained most of her experience over many years leading teams in fast paced multi-million turnover organisations, Jenifer blends strong commerciality and outstanding customer focus with a revolutionary way of thinking.

Her passion for understanding what makes people tick led her to study Psychology, Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for stress reduction as well as Mindfulness. As a lover of life, Jenifer understands that the key to success in both life and business is through people. She has endless positivity and optimism, which she brings with her at work.

What delegates say

“Jen delivered the training very well, clear and concise information and providing great insight in to models that can be adopted within the workplace.”

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Date: Thu 12 Sep 2024
Where: Online


One day workshop.

For up to 12 colleagues.

Who is it for?

Contact Centre Managers, Team Leaders / Managers, Change Managers, Operations Managers.

Why should you go?

Telling the Story supports leaders to understand data available to them to use to understand a situation or challenge. To empower leaders to highlight change and drive improvements. Being at the forefront of your organisation; leaders can spot the opportunity to drive improvements faster whilst growing talent within your organisation.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £3,000*

Non-members: £3,600*

*excludes VAT

Price quoted is for face-to-face delivery of the training for a group of up to 12 people. Does not include trainer expenses.