Supporting your team through Cancer has never been more important.

Cancer will affect 1 in 2 people in their lifetime, so it is inevitable that, at some point, it will affect you and your team, impacting on work performance and the wellbeing of your staff. Our course will help you to achieve a truly compassionate approach to supporting your team not only during treatment, but also after treatment when they return to work. Many of the Managers we speak to tell us they ’bury their heads in the sand’ when it comes to approaching conversations about cancer, and our aim is to remove some of the fear and stigma around approaching these subjects with your staff and colleagues.  We achieve this by covering subjects such as basic cancer awareness, the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments, the physical and emotional effects of cancer, what is helpful to say and what is not so helpful and looking after your own emotional wellbeing.

Benefits to your business:

Further training in how to support staff and colleagues who are either going through treatment or returning to work after treatment ends builds confidence and capability within your teams. Research has proven that staff who are better supported during treatment and on their return to work report lower sickness absence and performance management issues, allowing them to stay in work and thrive. Our training will also support management and team leaders to have more supportive conversations, building resilience and trust within their teams. We will work with you to look at the practical measures you can put in place to facilitate these conversations, how to better manage phased return to work and how to remove the fear and stigma of talking about cancer.

Why is cancer awareness training important?

Sharon had a bad experience in the workplace whilst she navigated her cancer journey. She has since finished treatment, participated in our Cancer Coach support group programme, and joined a new employer who was better equipped for cancer affecting employees and customers:

“My previous employer should have taken more time to check my needs before I returned to work, and during my return. Some colleagues clearly felt a bit awkward and stayed away.

I think a lot of people still have certain perceptions of cancer that are incorrect. I do feel like I was neglected in my previous workplace.”

We can help your organisation to become cancer aware.

No one needs to be an expert in cancer and cancer treatments in order to have compassionate conversations with your employees and colleagues. However it can help to have a basic awareness and understanding of what cancer is, what the different cancer treatments are and how they affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. To be able to demonstrate an understanding of issues such as fatigue, brain fog and anxiety will make your staff feel listened to and supported.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate more confidence in having conversations with staff and colleagues affected by cancer
  • Have a basic understand of cancer treatments and their side effects
  • Be able to develop an approach to supporting Managers and measures in place to manage emotional wellbeing
  • Be more confident in implementing return to work measures and have a standardised approach to supporting staff both during treatment and after.

Workshop outline

  • Basic cancer awareness
  • Side effects of cancer and cancer treatments
  • Physical and emotional side effects of cancer
  • Confidence in talking to people living with cancer
  • Supporting staff during and after treatment
  • What’s helpful to say and what’s not so helpful
  • Looking after your own emotional wellbeing


3-hour online session using Zoom or Teams

About the trainer

Anna started her career working with local authorities in London, creating volunteer programs to give a voice to the most deprived and disadvantaged communities. Over the years she has worked with various organisations such as Mind and the British Red Cross on their volunteer led services and has previously been responsible for the development and delivery of volunteer led support services across the U.K during her 5 years at Macmillan Cancer Support. She also brings experience of being a cancer patient herself 9 years ago, so understands the emotional impact of cancer on the patient and the wider family.

Upcoming Dates

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Supporting your team through Cancer
Date: Tue 9 Nov 2021
Where: Online

Date: Wed 1 Dec 2021
Where: London

Who is it for?

People that are managing those affected by cancer within their teams – whether a family member, partner or the individual themselves are going through cancer.

Why should you go?

If you have team members or colleagues who are currently undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment, the support you give them both emotionally and practically can make all the difference to their wellbeing, their performance at work and sickness and absence rates. However often it can be difficult to know how to talk to people who have been through treatment and we run the risk of not saying anything at all. Cancer Support UK will take you through a discussion about how you currently manage issues such as these, what you find difficult and how we can remove any anxiety from having conversations about ill health and cancer. We will look at giving your team a better understanding of the ongoing issues people recovering from cancer treatment might be experiencing and what are the helpful and not so helpful ways you can support them. To explore the ways cancer may affect your team at the workplace, enabling you to support anyone going through cancer as they continue to work in your organisation.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £149*

Non-members: £199*

*excludes VAT

About Cancer Support UK

Cancer Support UK provides practical and emotional support to people living with cancer, both during and after the treatment period. We support people with all kinds of cancer across the UK.