It’s one of the most common reasons leaders don’t delegate complex work to their teams: “They don’t think strategically enough.” But what is strategic thinking and how can the skill be learnt?

In this workshop we aim to develop the skillset of contact centre leaders, operations managers and team managers, to be able to contribute to the strategic direction of the business. They will understand exactly what strategy and strategic thinking are, where they fit in the overall scheme of things – from Vision to Procedures – and how their own roles contribute to the strategy.

Course Description

This workshop explores the ‘golden thread’- the link from vision, values and purpose through to the day to day activity. It introduces common strategic models and some thinking activities designed to initiate creative and big thinking that can be replicated in the working environment long after the workshop is over.

This programme is ideal for contact centre leaders, operations managers and team managers, to develop their skillset to be able to contribute to the strategic direction of the function or business. It’s also effective as a pre-cursor for reviewing your strategy and also to support the delivery of a pre-determined strategy.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Articulate what is meant by strategic thinking, strategy and where it ‘fits’.
  • Have knowledge of tools and processes to aid strategy setting.
  • Think differently through the use of problem-solving techniques.
  • Understand how your role and responsibilities contribute to the strategy.

Benefits to your business

The more people in your business that understand your strategy – what one is, as well as why you have it – and are able to contribute to delivering it, the better. It’s one thing to tell junior and mid-level managers what to do, but when they understand why and how their work delivers against the company’s vision and strategy, they can perform on another level.

People who ‘get’ the vision of the organisation they work for, and buy into it, become more effective decision makers and are able to work more autonomously. An organisation that pulls on the brainpower of hundreds, or thousands, of people is always going to outperform one that has to rely on a few people at the top directing everyone else.

Course content

  • Introduction to Strategic Thinking: Learn to lift your head from the day to day activity and have the space to think bigger, longer term and in a more visionary way.
  • Exploration of where strategy fits within organisational design (the golden thread).
  • Understand what we mean by Vision, Mission, and Culture – and why success is found at the intersection of these three core principles.
  • Introduction to / refresher of various Strategic Thinking Models.
  • Problem solving skills including challenger questions method.
  • Practical tips to try out in the workplace immediately.

About the trainer

Nicola Callan is a skills and engagement coach, facilitator, and trainer. Working in and around contact centres for most of her career, she understands which skills can make the biggest difference to performance, motivation and customer experience and delivers sessions that leave delegates with the confidence and ability to be even better at what they do.


Claire is a committed and experienced learning and development professional, leading or supporting customer facing teams for over 20 years. Her inclusive and no-nonsense approach allows people to develop and thrive and enjoy themselves along the way. A skilled facilitator and coach, truly invested in helping leaders and their teams see their full potential through great conversations and engaging delivery. With many years of operational experience, she can identify with the challenges teams and individuals face, working with them to build success


What delegates say

“I felt the break out rooms were good and Nicola was very friendly, clear and engaging. Fantastic trainer!”

“I liked the activities the most – very useful to help me think bigger and more strategically.”

Upcoming Dates

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3-hour online session using Zoom or Teams.

Who is it for?

Contact Centre Leaders, Operations managers and Team Managers (or those aspiring to those roles) who would benefit from thinking more strategically, so that they can effectively help create, shape or implement a strategy.

Why should you go?

To lift your head from the day to day activity and have the space to think bigger, longer term and in a more visionary way.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £249*

Non-members: £349*

*excludes VAT

Additional discounts available for group bookings