Special Interest Group: Retail

If you’re a senior leader responsible for a contact centre operation in the Retail sector and want the opportunity to share ideas in a safe environment, discuss your business challenges and also take the opportunity to network with your fellow industry leaders then, as a member of the CCMA, we invite you to join this Special Interest Group.

The CCMA have many years’ experience of hosting SIGs across different sectors, all of which have proved to be a valuable member benefit.

These roundtable events include presentations from industry experts sharing insight and research, member case studies and some great debates. We’ll be discussing all the topics that impact your operation and as a member, you drive the agenda.

During the meeting we’ll give you an opportunity to share your current experiences and challenges, with a particular focus on digital, and a chance to discuss flexibility and how you might be deploying this approach in your operating model.

Upcoming Dates

SIG - Retail: July 2022
Date: Tue 12 Jul 2022
Where: London

SIG - Retail: October 2022
Date: Wed 19 Oct 2022
Where: London

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