As we all know, the contact centre is increasingly seen as a strategically important part of any business. It is where customer experience is delivered to most customers. 

Whilst a lot of that interaction happens both formally and informally between department and line managers, there can also be a need for internal communications campaigns to coordinate activities and ensure different parts of the business are aware of the contact centre’s activities.

In this course we will dive into best practice communications to promote your internal campaigns and your contact centre more effectively.

Course Description

This 3-hour virtual workshop explores the principles of marketing communications, and how you can improve the impact of your communications for internal campaigns as well as promoting the success of your contact centre both across your business and externally.

The session includes a mix of marketing communications theory, real-life examples and is delivered in a conversational style that will facilitate conversations with your peers to share ideas and best practices in a confidential and safe space.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Create a simple marketing communications plan
  • Deliver high impacting internal communications campaigns
  • Plan how to promote the success of your contact centre to other functions and externally
  • Understand the breadth of channels available and when and how best to use them
  • Demonstrate understanding of marketing communications to be able to feedback to marketing teams to inform future marketing campaigns
  • Share best practices and take away training exercises to develop your own teams

Benefits to your business

When the various departments of a business operate in siloes and are unable, or unwilling, to share information, bad things happen. These include information and learning not getting passed around the business, and a lack of coordination between departments which causes inefficiencies such as duplication of effort, or loss of focus on the business’ ultimate goals.

Alternatively, fostering communication between the contact centre and the other departments with which it needs to interact – back office, accounts, billing, marketing, sales, logistics – helps promote best practice, foster consistency, and allows everyone to focus on what’s important.

Course content

The first thing to consider when crafting a communication, whether it’s a simple email or a 6 month campaign, is your audience. From there, we’ll work through the steps for creating a simple marketing communications plan, covering messages, the marketing mix, brand considerations and how to define success through metrics.

Then, we’ll explore some of the campaigns you’re delivering within the contact centre, such as promoting a wellbeing programme or support for a local charity. Separately, we’ll consider how to raise the profile of your contact centre operation in other departmental areas and what tools are available to showcase your contact centre excellence.

We will also look at how we can collaborate with marketing teams to support their campaigns, and discuss how to best share feedback from customers that can inform future marketing campaigns.

About the trainer

Luan Wise

Luan is an independent marketing consultant with over 20 years’ experience in agency, client-side and consultancy roles. She’s also a LinkedIn Learning course instructor, lead trainer for Facebook and Instagram, and author of the award-winning book, Relax! It’s Only Social Media.

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Date: Fri 13 Sep 2024
Where: Online


3-hour online workshop, using Zoom or Teams.

Who is it for?

Contact centre managers, communications executives in the contact centre and leaders who manage internal campaigns and promote the work of the contact centre to the wider business.

Why should you go?

Learning how to communicate effectively both to the wider business, and inside the contact centre to your teams and frontline employees, can help everyone focus on delivering their part of the whole mission.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £249*

Non-members: £349*

*excludes VAT

Additional discounts available for group bookings