Have you noticed there are an increasing number of occasions where some team member’s reactions to situations have been negative, such as the announcement of business changes, and in turn has negatively impacted how they feel and perform?

Have you also noticed that when they have a negative mindset it has a negative impact on performance and others around them, such as team members?

Is there something you and/or team members want to achieve in the workplace, but have noticed that you/they lack motivation to take positive steps forward?

Do team members sometimes rely on others, such as colleagues to motivate them and do you want to help them recognise ways to become more self-motivated?

Do you want to learn ways to help you/your team create a consistent positive mindset and achieve higher performance standards?

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Explain the key factors which affect you and your team member’s performance and identify actions you can take to create an environment in which team member’s can thrive.
  • Determine what affects levels of Motivation at work and the effective steps which can be taken to increase motivation levels without reliance on others.
  • Apply practical steps to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Practise a reframing technique, which you can share with your team to help see situations from a different and more positive perspective,
  • Create an action plan which will become an everyday routine


3-hour online session (with a break), using Zoom.

What delegates say

“The information was helpful and informative, as was the presentation and workbook. Really enjoyed the full session. The interaction was also great throughout.”

“I thought that Mike did an excellent job of keeping us all engaged, he ran at a great pace and also had the right tone and manner, he was also very open and honest ”

About the trainer

Jacqui is an award-winning Trainer with 25 years training and coaching experience. She spent 27 years of her career working within contact centres across a variety of sectors and specialises in the following:

  • Team Leader Development Programmes
  • Coaching Skills
  • Customer Service

Workshop outline

  • The factors which affect performance.

You will explore some of the key factors which affect performance, identify which ones affect you/your team and agree steps you can take to enhance your team’s performance at work.

  • Determine what affects levels of Motivation.

You will explore the 3Cs of Motivation and assess which factors have the most impact on motivation levels.

  • How to increase Motivation and achieve desired goals/outcomes more quickly

This section will help you identify steps you can take to increase your motivation levels and help team member’s become more self motivated.

  • The emotional factor of Performance

Explore how thoughts and mind-talk affect an individual’s feelings, drive behaviour and impact performance levels

In this section we will look at how our perception of a situation or a person, can affect our mind-talk and thoughts and in turn affect our actions and performance levels.

  • Practise a reframing technique to help you see situations from a different and more positive perspective.

You will explore techniques such as ‘Reframing’ to help change your/your team’s perception and create a positive mindset, when faced with challenging situations in the workplace.

  • Create an Action Plan

You will create your action plan of next steps you will take to increase motivation and create a more positive mind-set.

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Date: Tue 19 Jul 2022
Where: Online

Date: Thu 20 Oct 2022
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Who is it for?

This workshop is suitable for Managers who want to learn practical ways to support their team members towards creating a more consistent positive mindset, increase motivation levels and thereby achieve better outcomes and higher performance standards.

Why should you go?

To learn how to create a more positive mindset in the workplace.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £299*

Non-members: £349*

*excludes VAT

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