Webinar How to read your customers' minds.

21st January 2016

How to read your customers’ minds.  The Power of Speech Analytics

10am 21st January


Imagine being able to anticipate customers’ needs and wants without having to ask them what they think. In today’s intensely competitive business environment understanding customers is key to success but lots of businesses struggle to get useful insight. However, it’s easier than you might think.

Most companies already have all the information they need. Every customer call you receive is a rich source of information, the trick is to convert all that data into actionable insight. That’s where Speech Analytics comes in. Speech Analytics can automatically highlight the views and opinions of your customers and offer valuable intelligence from thousands – even millions of recorded calls.   It can help pinpoint cost drivers, trends, strengths and weaknesses.  It's a practical and powerful way to help call centres and business users stay on top of customer perceptions.

This webinar is being delivered by Rachel Lane from Verint and is being introduced by Ann-Marie Stagg

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