A summary of our best practice visit to Rentalcars.com

5th December 2016

Rentalcars.com: Member Visit 30th November 2016  

A member visit in the heart of Manchester meant navigating the Christmas markets, stalls selling everything from Dancing Santas to Chocolate decorations but it was well worth it. At Rentalcars where the CCMA Gold Champion winner of Contact Centre Recruitment 2016 Bryan Horrocks resides, we were exposed to an award winning presentation on recruitment. 

Ryan Cheyne, People Director welcomed the CCMA members to Sunlight House, Manchester with a great opening overview on the entrepenerial beginnings of Rentalcars to becoming the 1bn turnover business it is today, 10 years on.  Ryan explained that Values were the driver of the clear commitment,passion and success we see today across an incredibly diverse workforce made up of 65 nationalities speaking 43 languagues. impressive!

Ryan explained that the simple, to the point values like “Get it done” are representative of the early days of when the business started “above Subway. He said “we use the words 'we love’ because it portrays exactly how we feel, it captures our passion and how much we care“

Follow that with a tour of the Contact Centre, a complete Manchester experience with fantastic murals painted by Graffiti artist Kelso and song lyrics, quotes from various influential Mancunians … a creative and inspirational working environment. It's safe to say that everyone was impressed. 

And so to Bryan Horrocks and his recruitment team to update us on some of the ways they manage what at times is a complex recruitment profile in order to get the right people to work in their 800 strong workforce, handling worldwide phone calls, emails and webchats 24/7. 

“Being challenged and learning is a large part of what we do here at Rentalcars. My team aim to be responsive, evolutionary, timebound, collaborative, cultural and speedy …evolutionary became self-evident when you found out they had a Pink Panther training room! Timebound and speedy speaks for itself when you have to hit the next week target on finding five Russian speakers who have to be in place by go live date.

Bryan expanded on the speed of business growth that drove the recruitment and ended up with him and his team of 8 handling all recruitment with some support from the Team managers but essentially the experts in the room being his recruitment team. Rentalcars are “a bit like the United Nations “advertising in the language of the individual required. Here Bryan explained that the trick is knowing when to advertise and “when to give the world a rest". Every recruitment MUST include a face to face interview, it's crucial says Bryan in ascertaining the speaking skills, especially as all the training will be in English and it also allows you to get a feel for whose team a certain individual might 'fit' best within. 

The actual recruitment process must be tailored too. A Mandarin speaker will have experienced different life events and experiences to a person from Finland perhaps, so the interview, greeting, process overall must be considered and managed with that in mind. As Bryan says “we require a range of different interviewing techniques and approaches because what we ultimately want is the best from the candidate “

A demonstration on Workplace by facebook was a great eye opener into how it’s paying dividends -  96% of the team at Rentalcars have signed up for it and it's making a big impact in reducing emails, giving a clear history line and it's seen as more enjoyable communication process with great visuals and over 600+ updates a week, the vast majority from Rentalcars colleagues. 

A comprehensive, insightful visit with a longer than usual Q&A session that Bryan handled with aplomb………………... it's slightly off the wall here, but it works, thanks Bryan, we had a brilliant day!

Top 5 Takeaways  

  1. Know when to NOT advertise . just as important as knowing when to.  Potential candidates will have an opinion of your business if you are constantly in the press looking for staff
  2. Challenge the norm in recruitment, you too could have a Pink Panther training room
  3. Get your environment to work for you, innovative rooms and areas to gather and work support the whole culture
  4. Glassdoor can help you understand what your colleagues think of your business
  5. Take a selfie !!! and share on workplace… a great way of bonding a group of people together