Looking after employee mental and physical health at work has never been more important, particularly after what your staff have been through over the past few years.

Your colleagues are dealing with changes in their working lives and changes at home. Some are getting used to juggling the mix of working from home and in the office. Checking in on advisors each day is a great start, but may not be enough. This course will help you understand when people might be struggling and give you a greater understanding of mental health.

Course Description

This 3.5 hour virtual training workshop explores various aspects of mental health and how you as a People Manager can support your teams if they are struggling with certain aspects of their mental health and well-being.

We will work as a group through a number of discussion exercises to gain insight into mental health issues and how to deliver support. Attendees are encouraged to share personal and professional stories with the group (while ensuring the anonymity of anyone involved of course) as learning from real-life examples is often the most powerful way.

Learning outcomes

Gain a greater understanding of mental health

  • Understand and explore the two most common mental health conditions – anxiety and depression
  • Learn how to spot the early signs that a colleague is struggling with their mental health
  • Understand how and when to intervene with effective support
  • Explore the role of the Manager with regards to managing mental health at work
  • Explore your boundaries and know your limits
  • Learn more about working from home and the effects on mental health – helping your people to work smarter and better
  • Help to create a Network Support Map for your people
  • Explore what resources are available to you to help support your people

Benefits to your business

Employers have, by law, certain duties of care to their employees. But beyond that, caring for your employees’ and colleagues’ health is just the right thing to do.

From a commercial point of view, unhappy staff are not going to perform at their best and deliver the results the organisation needs, so we have all the incentive in the world to provide the best support we can.

Course content

  • What is mental health?
  • Types of mental health illnesses
  • Explore the two most common conditions, anxiety and depression
    • Psychological signs
    • Physical signs
  • Understand how to spot the signs in the workplace and provide support for your teams
  • The 4 stages of support for high levels of work-related stress and mental health problems
  • Explore your role as Manager when it comes to mental health
  • WFH – impact on mental health
  • Creating a Support Network
  • Further steps you can take including external resources
  • Positive mental health – tips for your people

About the trainer

Mike started his career in the contact centre industry over 25 years ago. He is an enthusiastic and passionate trainer with a wealth of experience.

What delegates say

“The information was helpful and informative, as was the presentation and workbook. Really enjoyed the full session. The interaction was also great throughout.”

“I thought that Mike did an excellent job of keeping us all engaged, he ran at a great pace and also had the right tone and manner, he was also very open and honest ”

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Date: Fri 13 Sep 2024
Where: Online


3.5-hour online session using Teams.


Who is it for?

Contact Centre Managers, Team Managers and anyone responsible for managing people in contact centres.

Why should you go?

To gain a greater understanding of mental health as a topic, as well as insights into how to spot signs of anxiety and depression in your team, and how you as a manager can offer support.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £199*

Non-members: £249*

For group bookings only. Pricing reflects per person. 

*excludes VAT

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