In-house Training Courses

Our in-house training solutions are built on years of experience from award-winning operations with each course reflecting industry best practice. From teaching a new contact centre Team Leader how to get the most from their team members, to showing your frontline teams how to deliver great conversations, we have the breadth and depth of knowledge to make a difference immediately.

All of our training consultants are seasoned contact centre professionals with the practical experience and knowledge to help you develop and deliver the right training programme for your organisation. Our clients love the fact that we understand contact centres – it helps them get to the root of their challenges quickly and ensures that the training delivered makes a difference. And we know that Advisors and Team Managers respond positively to training that is delivered by someone who has a thorough understanding of their role.

Our approach to custom-built training

When developing any in-house training programme we firstly spend time in the operation to learn about the business, its priorities and challenges. We work alongside the leadership team to carry out an assessment of the current operation to understand the current standards of delivery and to ensure that any training is appropriately aligned to the business objectives.

Take a standard course and deliver it in-house

You may have seen one of the open training courses available and thought that it would be ideal for a whole team. Let us know. We can arrange to deliver the course onsite at your location exclusively for your team.

Whatever the development need you’re looking for to improve the performance of your contact centre, get in touch and we can talk through your options so that you get the right solution for your operation. Please call 0333 939 9964 or email