Health Check

Is your contact centre operating to best practice standards?

The CCMA offer a ‘Health Check’ service to help you understand if your Contact Centre is operating effectively and efficiently.

The Health Check involves spending time in your business understanding how you’re currently performing against industry best practice in the following areas:

  •         The overall culture of the operation including colleague engagement and morale
  •         How efficient the operation is
  •         Performance management processes and adherence
  •         Availability and suitability of management reporting
  •         Call handling and customer service capabilities
  •         The contact centre organisational structure and capabilities
  •         The quality management framework and compliance
  •         Targets and measures in place and the impact they are having on performance
  •         Operational communication processes
  •         The working environment
  •         Overview of the contact centre technology in place and how it is being deployed

The health check output is a report that outlines the key findings and recommendations from the diagnostic. These will be identified as quick wins, medium and long term actions. We will meet with the leadership team to talk through the recommendations face to face.

Any recommendations will be practical, implementable ideas that are in line with best practice operated in contact centres. Any recommendations will take into account the working environment, the systems available and any other constraints that exist. There will be no ‘blue sky thinking’, no waffle, just clear actionable recommendations.

If you’d like the CCMA to undertake a Health Check of your entire or part of your contact centre operation, give us a call on 0333 939 9964 or email We can better understand what you’re looking to achieve and explain how the process works so that you can get the most from the exercise.