The Forces of Customer Experience – The science of strong relationships in challenging times is a new whitepaper from Ipsos’ Customer Experience team. Ipsos introduces a revolutionary human-centric CX framework that helps organisations drive stronger relationships through a better understanding of customers’ functional and relational needs. Through extensive R&D, Ipsos has identified strong predictors of emotional attachment and relationship strength – dimensions which have particular relevance to the COVID-19 crisis. Focusing on them will allow brands to refocus customer experience measurement and management to address what truly matters.

Do you truly understand the Forces that are at play in your customers’ minds? Join the complimentary webinar on 26 May at either 09:00 or 15:00 (BST) to learn more from Jean-Francois Damais, CX Chief Research Officer, and author of this paper.

Where and when?

Date: Tue 26 May 2020

Time: 9:00 am

Location: Online

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