Contact Centre Homeworking in 2021

Over the last few months the vast majority of UK contact centres have operated on a work-from-home basis and, for most, it’s been a steep learning curve.

Initially, concerns about connectivity and the health and well-being of remote workers dominated.  Then management and performance issues took centre stage, with many centres experiencing severe challenges as sickness levels increased, and both productivity and staff engagement fell.

Now, contact centres must decide on the way forward. Will it be 100% homeworking or hybrid office/homeworking? How will staggered rotas work? Will work-from-home be voluntary, compulsory, or both?

For this online seminar, we have invited Sensée to share it’s experiences of managing homeworking teams. As a business that’s been operating since 2004 using a 100% home model – and with 1300 fully-employed contact centre homeworkers – Sensée has practical experience of managing a whole host of remote management and performance issues, as well as delivering significant business benefits.

We are delighted to also have Mark Davies, Customer Contact Director at Bupa, joining us to share their homeworking story and how it has increased productivity and CSAT whilst reducing cost and attrition in the the longer term.

So sign up today to find out how your business can get more from homeworking – and get answers to your burning issues from Sensée’s experienced Consultants, Operations Managers and Team Leaders.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The importance of creating a complete end-to-end homeworking technology ecosystem
  • Why your Virtual Workplace must, as closely as possible, replicate the physical office environment
  • Employee engagement in a virtual world
  • Remotely managing performance, productivity and quality
  • Monitoring the health and well-being of homeworkers
  • Infosecurity in a virtual world
  • Should you treat your homeworkers and office-based staff the same – or differently?
  • The benefits of homeworking: how Bupa has implemented homeworking resulting in increased productivity & CSAT and reduced cost & attrition
  • Great tips and advice on managing homeworking teams

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Where and when?

Date: Wed 14 Oct 2020

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Location: Online

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Contact Centre leaders looking for support with their homeworking model

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Find out how your business can get more from homeworking and get answers to your burning issues

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CCMA members and non-members

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Free to attend.

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