AI in the Contact Centre: The Art of the Possible

AI is taking the world by storm. It is going to change the way we operate. The impact on the contact centre will be significant, making way for considerable efficiency gains. We know that it will affect the work of our frontline colleagues; it will better enable them to deliver customer service excellence.

The purpose of the CCMA is to support contact centre leaders in the development of their contact centre operations. That’s why we are bringing you the opportunity to explore how to take advantage of generative AI (artificial intelligence) for the benefit of your customers and your colleagues. Working with our partners, Genesys, we are hosting education events near you to give you an opportunity to:

  • Hear progress being made by other contact centre operations
  • Learn how to take advantage of generative AI, step by step
  • Understand where AI can have the biggest impact and deliver the greatest returns
  • Explore the ethical challenges and responsible usage.

Here are some key aspects you can expect to experience at these events:

  • A highly interactive open mic session where you’ll be able to benchmark your thinking against others. You’ll learn from the successes and challenges of others to help you shape your approach to AI.
  • A dynamic and interactive AI panel debate with industry leaders exploring where the greatest gains can be made. You’ll discover a plethora of use cases and success stories and learn about real-world applications of AI in the contact centre.
  • Gain insights into the practical steps for initiating and implementing AI strategies in the contact centre. Learn how to prepare your operation and where to focus your resources for successful deployment.
  • Participate in discussions into the ethical challenges of using generative AI and responsible AI usage. Increase your understanding of the data privacy, transparency, and fairness issues in AI-driven customer experiences.
  • Like other CCMA events, this is an opportunity to connect with your peers, industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals who are actively involved in AI and other technological advances in the contact centre industry.

If you’d like to join us, check out the four locations below and register today.

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