Most people think stress is negative and try to eliminate it. But when you know how to manage stress, it can become a powerful positive emotion that calls us to action. Your trainer for this course is an accomplished and regular speaker about mental toughness, management, stress resilience and mental health. He will take your teams on a journey to discover their internal mental strength, improving their individual and collective performance when the pressure is on.

Course description

Stress is our natural reaction when we are threatened or under pressure. Not all stress is bad, because it can motivate us to achieve things in our daily life, for example meet the demands of home, work and family life. But too much stress can affect our mood, our body and our relationships, especially if experienced over a long period of time. Ultimately it may lead to a feeling of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, often called burnout.

Learning outcomes

In this session you will learn

  • The difference between stress, worry and anxiety – recognising the response to each
  • Understanding and identifying the stress points and triggers in work and personal life
  • Developing self-awareness and the appropriate actions to mitigate or avoid stress
  • Simple steps to help regulate the symptoms of stress

Benefits for your business

Pressure creates diamonds. When you have built teams that are capable of not just withstanding stress and pressure, but thriving under it, performance booms and results take care of themselves.

Help your teams transform into the contact centre equivalent of a Formula 1 pit crew, performing their best work when your business most needs it.

Meet the trainer

Anthony Taylor

Anthony has a 20-year career across the private and public sector both nationally and internationally. He held several Head of Communications positions in both public and private sector organisations. He has been coaching since 2006, and over the last five years has worked with clients across numerous sectors including social housing, professional services, automotive, public sector, armed forces, retail, construction, energy and technology.

He specialises in working with forward-thinking companies who are concerned about improving the performance of their people while preserving their mental wellbeing. He is an accomplished and regular speaker about mental toughness, management, stress resilience and mental health.

Upcoming Dates

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Strategies for Managing Stress
Date: Fri 16 Sep 2022
Where: Online

Date: Thu 20 Oct 2022
Where: Online


3 hour session via Zoom

Who is it for?

All contact centre employees; Managers, customer-facing colleagues, high dependency teams

Why should you go?

To explore stress and recognise triggers and mitigation for you, your teams and ultimately your customers.

Maximum capacity


How much is it?

CCMA members: £299*

Non-members: £349*

*Excludes VAT