To stay ahead of the rapid changes in customer behaviours, cost-of-living concerns, complex post-pandemic resourcing, and global conflict, contact centre leaders need to continuously adapt their CX and customer contact strategies. 

Creating a target operating model is crucial for the success of a contact centre’s transformational efforts. It provides a framework for determining how the organisation should operate to achieve its strategic objectives. A well-defined model can help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and drive customer satisfaction by ensuring everything is geared towards delivering a better customer experience. However, a one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate when designing an effective operating model for a contact centre.

We discussed this and more at our autumn financial services review, with key industry leaders who gave their views on how they are adapting their people, processes and technologies to transform their efforts to keep up.

Download the report to explore the discussion in detail.

About the Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is the documented output from CCMA’s Leadership Forum meetings. These meetings take place at the House of Lords and provide an exclusive opportunity for senior contact centre leaders to explore the key factors driving change in the industry and to consider how to continue to innovate for the benefit of the customer, colleagues and the business.

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