Many consultations and Government announcements on employment law took place in 2012 with resulting legislative changes likely in 2013 and beyond. However, the timescale for some of these remains unclear. The start of 2013 saw further consultations announced.

Two Bills which had been progressing through Parliament since last year received Royal Assent on 25 April to become Acts: the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act and the Growth and Infrastructure Act. TheChildren and Families Bill was introduced to Parliament in February 2013 and the Pensions Bill in May 2013 - both will continue into the new Parliamentary session.  Some of the new legislation is now in force, and anticipated dates for other provisions to come into force are indicated below where such dates have been announced.

More information on the proposed reforms is in the Employment law reform progress report published in March 2013, and on the Department of Business Innovation and Skills’ web page ‘Making the labour market more flexible, efficient and fair’ (see Useful contacts below).

The Queen’s Speech on 8 May 2013 opened the 2013-14 Parliamentary session. The following Bills were announced which will affect employers to varying degrees: a Deregulation Bill, an Immigration Bill and a National Insurance Contributions Bill. 

In June, the Government announced that the existing freeze exempting businesses from new regulations, if there is evidence that they will result in disproportionate burdens and impede growth, will continue beyond April 2014. It has also been extended to firms with up to 50 staff.

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