Digital changes everything

Organizations today handle interactions and transactions across a wider variety of communication channels than ever before. Adoption of digital channels, from email and chat to SMS and social media channels, has skyrocketed over the last year, placing new demands on support, service and sales teams.

As digital channels proliferated, they brought with them significant new challenges for workforce management. The old ways of collecting data, calculating staffing needs and generating schedules – then doing it all again as conditions change – no longer suffice when dealing with digital channels.

In a marked contrast to the past, work today doesn’t necessarily flow sequentially, in a continuous stream of work handled by a single employee. Instead, it’s characterized by a series of simultaneous interactions, interruptions and more.

Here’s what you need to consider to keep your most common workforce management processes – data integrity and acquisition, staff requirement calculation, schedule optimization and change management – running smoothly. Download the guide here.