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At this Ask the Experts event we asked how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be used for conversational analytics to support a transformation of the contact centre operation.

Customer behaviour is changing fast. It always did, but recent events have resulted in recognising the need to keep track of how customers are responding to the changing environment. AI (artificial intelligence) is a tool that can support that insight gathering to enable contact centre leaders to make more informed decisions. During this one hour online session, we asked the experts:

  • Why accessing customer insight is so important right now?
  • How can AI be used to analyse conversations over voice and digital channels to improve the contact centre operation?
  • What evidence is there that AI works?
  • What is good practice in using conversational analytics to improve CX?

Our experts are Nick MacFarlane, Vice President of Customer Engagement & Retention at Sky Ticket, Jagrit Malhotra, Managing Director at Clarabridge, and Marco Cruz Galve, Vice President of Professional Services at Clarabridge.

Sky is an award-winning operation. In 2019 the business won Most Effective Customer Experience in Social Channels at the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards by using digital customer service and insights to improve the contact centre operation.

Clarabridge has been named a Leader in two Forrester WaveTM Reports in 2020: Customer Feedback Management Platforms and AI-Based Text Analytics Platform. Hundreds of contact centres around the globe are using their capabilities to transform their operations.