Our industry has had to work through major challenges as the pandemic has thrown opportunities and threats our way.

This fifth part of our Evolution of the Contact Centre series highlights the need to reframe how contact centres are perceived both internally and externally, to attract talent and investment and better reflect the crucial role that contact centres play within organisations.

Stephen reveals the insights that make the case for the importance of reframing roles on the front line, establishing a framework for attribution and fostering strong values-driven leadership that motivates colleagues. The insights suggest the importance of promoting a culture of care that is demonstrated in the interactions between colleagues and customers, and it is clear how valuable the front line is to the success of the organisation.

We invited James Blackwood, Head of Contact Centre at Eurostar and Michael Gartside, Head of Customer Operations at Practice Plan, to discuss what the findings mean for the contact centre industry. We also invited Jonathan Allan, Chief Marketing Officer at Puzzel, to summarise the conversation and reflect on the five themes that emerge from this edition.