Take a Look at the Last Year in Voice
With physical and online information security always growing stronger and harder to crack, fraudsters gravitate toward the weakest link in your security—your voice channels. For many years, our annual fraud reports have shown that fraudsters increasingly exploit voice channel as it exists today in the call center. Fraud rates increase every year, and this year is no different.

AI & the Voice Channel
AI presents exciting but uncharted territory. Like any disruptive technology, benefits exist for businesses alongside opportunities for criminals to use this technology against us.

Customer Service
A major reason that fraud rates increase is that most organizations struggle to find the right balance of security and customer service. When stronger traditional security measures are put into place, these measures typically impact customer experience—often to an organization’s detriment.

Cross Industry Fraud
Looking at fraud across multiple industries, it’s clear that fraudsters vary how they execute attacks—and these varied attacks also impact organizations differently.

Looking Ahead
Because of AI and automation, many people have the impression that we won’t have a need for call centers in the future and that the voice channel may become a thing of the past.

Actually, our full immersion into the voice channel may be just getting started.

About the author

Pindrop is the pioneer in voice fraud prevention and authentication. Pindrop provides enterprise solutions to reduce fraud losses and authentication expense for some of the largest call centres in the world.

Pindrop’s patented Phoneprinting™ technology can identify, locate and authenticate phone devices uniquely just from the call audio thereby detecting fraudulent calls as well as verifying legitimate callers.

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