Huntswood’s Complaints Outlook 2019 is the definitive guide to the UK complaint handling landscape. It combines survey responses from over 5,500 financial services and utilities customers with in-depth, cross-sector firm research. It identifies key changes in experience and customer expectations since the last Complaints Outlook was carried out in 2016, painting an accurate and up-to-date picture of firms’ performance. The report was designed with the aim of identifying what really matters to customers in this space and highlight best practices for operating model design.

The report focuses on hot topics in complaint handling, including:

  • Customer journey expectations and how this compares to current experiences
  • Current use of technology and the emerging technologies which are expected to change the complaints landscape
  • The human element of complaints handling and the skill of the complaint handler
  • The importance of trust in the complaint’s management process

Crucially, this paper highlights the value that can be derived from the complaints journey. It also challenges the historic – and outdated – view of complaints handling being a ‘cost of business’ instead of a source of potential value.

Despite the positive steps already taken by firms, Huntswood’s report provides an argument for continued improvement and investment in complaints. This will be needed to meet the changing expectations of consumers and overcome the challenges of an environment in which switching providers often proves easier than raising a complaint.

The complaints landscape has changed. The Complaints Outlook is your key to keeping pace. Download here.

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