Friday 5 June 2020, London.  The CCMA has announced that Ann-Marie Stagg is stepping back from her role as Chief Executive of the longest established association dedicated to the UKs contact centre industry. The industry figurehead will hand the reins over to Leigh Hopwood from today.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in the contact centre industry, Leigh has been working with Ann-Marie as the CCMAs Marketing and Brand Strategy Director for the last seven years and has had an instrumental role in the strategic direction and development of the business. She recently stood down as Chair at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is a renowned figure in the marketing sector.

Ann-Marie says “I am ready to step back, and the CCMA is ready for new leadership. In the last 12 months we have celebrated the CCMA’s 25th anniversary and this year we will celebrate 25 years of the UK National Contact Centre Awards and the 20th anniversary of the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards. So, now feels like a good time to pass the reins on. Leigh and I have worked closely together over the years and she is a huge advocate of the CCMA value of putting members first. I am confident that she will combine her knowledge of our industry with her leadership of membership bodies and her marketing capability to ensure that these values remain the central pillar for the community.”

“Ann-Marie has earned a huge amount of respect in our industry. I know that she will be missed,” said Leigh. “She has grown the CCMA significantly in recent years, creating a thriving community where contact centre leaders are learning, forming great relationships and recognising excellence. I’m looking forward to building on her legacy, to continue to add value to both members and the wider industry.”

Ann-Marie will continue in her role as Chair of the Judges for the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards for 2020.

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