Particularly during these difficult times, anyone could be facing challenges that lead them to become temporarily or even permanently vulnerable. Whether it’s mental or physical health issues, life-changing scenarios such as bereavement, or financial hardship caused by job loss or a change in circumstances.

On the frontline of dealing with customers, contact centres have a duty to ensure they deal appropriately and sensitively with vulnerable customers. Ofcom has developed best practice guidelines for how businesses should deal with vulnerable people as part of their Fairness for Customers programme.

“We have specific duties under the Communications Act to consider particular groups of people who might be vulnerable to harm. This means we must consider the needs and interests of those who are disabled, elderly, on low incomes or living in rural areas, as well as people who might need special protection because they are vulnerable.”

There is a lot of good advice in the guidelines and we recommend you click the link below and take a look.