Building your career in contact centres

A career in contact centres can be very rewarding, and at times incredibly challenging. Depending on your role and where you are on the journey, you need different skills and competencies, and will meet a wide range of trials and tribulations that will stretch your creativity and dynamism.

The Confident Advisor

At the heart of a great contact centre there are great advisors. It can at times be a challenging role; combing an aptitude for navigating multiple systems with detailed product knowledge; following processes whilst influencing and resolving problems on first contact; as well as the ability to deliver great customer experiences whilst operating efficiently.

Whichever industry you work in things never stand still and customer expectations grow year on year. Investing in the people who talk with your customers has been proven to improve customer satisfaction and increase business performance.

A confident advisor is someone that not only has the right attitude to deliver great customer experiences, but has the skills to do it empathetically. Here at the CCMA, we provide advisors with a host of training opportunities to help them develop the skills to be an outstanding advisor. From knowing how to handle difficult customers, to being able to upsell, we can help.

The Effective Team Manager

Every contact centre environment is unique. As the first point of contact for many customers it needs to be well organised, reactive to customer demand and deliver a great experience.

The skills required to successfully run a contact centre team go beyond that required of other office environments: co-ordinating resources, handling escalations, managing absence, gathering customer insight, identifying broken processes as well as motivating and developing team members and hitting KPIs.

We understand that whether you are a Team Manager or coach in a contact centre it’s easy to get distracted or stuck behind your desk with the day to day issues and lose focus on driving continuous improvement for customers.

Here at the CCMA, we see our role being to help you to develop your understanding and expertise – making sure that you thrive at a time when customer and colleague expectations are growing.

The Contact Centre Professional

Running an award-winning contact centre is no easy task. It requires patience, knowledge, empathy, assertiveness, organisational and commercial awareness, and so many other competencies. Done well, and your contact centre can drive up business performance and significantly impact on the bottom line.

That’s why we are focused on developing contact centres by developing the managers who run them – creating effective contact centre professionals.

The skills required to successfully run a contact centre go beyond that required of other office environments: planning resources, gathering and analysing customer insight, fixing broken processes, deploying the right technologies as well as motivating and developing team members to achieve objectives and KPIs.

The Strategic Leader

The role of the contact centre in organisations is becoming more and more demanding. Organisations have started to recognise the strategic value of the contact centre and the valuable insight it provides through the voice of the customer.

Customers are more demanding, live in a digital world and expect a seamless omni channel experience.  The contact centre workforce is more demanding where work-life balance, empowerment and flexibility are now givens to ensure a stable workforce. Having a strategic leader within the contact centre can help create a balance and a sustainable future.

The CCMA offer a number of strategic masterclasses for the strategic leader that help you understand and plan for the customer requirements of the future. We have formed strong relationships with a number of thought leaders in the industry and we provide a learning environment where you can share and learn from experts.

Wherever you are in your contact centre career, the CCMA has a host of learning opportunities. Go ahead and browse the free member visits, the seminars and the training courses to see what’s available.