By Ann-Marie Stagg, Chief Executive, CCMA

Over the summer CCMA members were invited to participate in the new member benefit, CCMA Benchmark, a free online benchmarking tool. This initiative was created in direct response to requests from many members who were looking for ways to understand how they were performing in comparison to their peers in other contact centres.

Working with contact centre customer insight specialist Sabio Group we created a focused benchmarking tool and identified the main KPIs that CCMA members should be tracking across their contact centre operation. Sabio brings 20 years’ experience in conducting operational contact centre benchmarking audits, so their expertise was invaluable in helping to get the CCMA Benchmark up and running.

We all know that measuring regularly and gathering quality data is critical to improving contact centre performance. We’re certainly not short of data in our industry, however the key thing is to ensure that you’re collecting the right metrics in order to deliver the right improvements to employee and customer experiences. It would appear that contact centre leaders still need to better understand how to analyse, interpret and use data they already have access to if they’re to consistently improve contact centre performance.

Those members who took part in the initial exercise now have a useful benchmark against which they can measure their future performance. The project also surfaced a number of useful insights for our members, with key findings including:

  • Some organisations are not tracking some of the basic measures required to operate their contact centre effectively – including essential operational ‘levers’ such a shrinkage
  • Adherence to schedule is also a vital measure for improving contact centre efficiency – the CCMA Benchmark revealed that only 48% of respondents are tracking this key metric
  • Voice is still the dominant channel, with Benchmark respondents’ customers citing voice, webchat and email as their preferred channels in that order
  • Only half of the CCMA Benchmark respondents said they had a Quality team to monitor customer service quality, with the rest leaving the task to Team Managers and others

The good news is that there is another opportunity to participate in the CCMA Benchmark. Opening on 1 January for one month, CCMA members are invited to register as soon as possible to gain access to the programme. Please register here.

However, we are going one step further this time. Not only are we offering members the opportunity to benchmark 70 KPIS, but in recognising that some contact centre leaders may need support in gathering the data and using the outcomes to make effective improvements, the CCMA has invited Sabio to provide a more consultative option at a preferential rate for members. Full details of all the options available to members can be found here.

In the meantime, CCMA Members wanting to learn more about the findings from the benchmarking initiative can attend our CCMA Benchmarking seminar on 4th December in London. During the half day event we’ll share insights from the initiative to date, look at benchmarking trends, and set out some of the tools and techniques that are now available to help members drive change in their contact centres. Find out more here.

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