How to write to customers

Why can’t my team write to customers better? The answer is actually simpler than you think; they can write, they’re just confused about how to write at work.

Remember your first job? Your first boss told you to write one way (usually by red-penning what you’d written). Your next boss told you to do it a different way. Then, by the time you had a third boss you didn’t know what was right anymore.

That’s when people start writing in ‘Offglish’, that weird, vague, sounds-like-a-parent tone with loads of long words and sentences that go on and on without getting anywhere.

This course cuts through all the opinion, the myths about writing to customers and explains how to do it simply, clearly and easily. There are ideas, tools and examples from a whole range of industries.

After the course you and your team will know how to write to customers – and colleagues too – in a way that’s clear, human, simple and effective. They’ll be able to stop customers kicking off so much, stop them calling with obvious questions and get them to do as you ask.

It works for emails, complaints, social media, livechat, standard letters – any type of written communication.

Working – live – on your own material

If you send us an example of your contact centre’s writing you’re happy to share, we’ll work on a couple of examples from the group and show you how to improve them in real time.


You’ll understand the huge impact that more human written communication has and the role it can play in reducing complaints, callbacks and queries – as well as building better working relationships.

We’ll get you and your team writing faster, better and with confidence.

Topics we’ll cover

  • We’ll get you and your team writing faster, better and with confidence
  • We’ll bust the myths around writing at work and what ‘professional’ really means
  • You’ll get a set of simple techniques that anyone can use to avoid writing in ‘Offglish’
  • You’ll understand what good writing looks like and how to do it
  • You’ll get a range of tools that’ll help you write anything from a complaint response to a set of instructions


A three hour online session (with a break) with tutor support, using Zoom.

What delegates say

“The information was helpful and informative, as was the presentation and workbook. Really enjoyed the full session. The interaction was also great throughout.”

“I thought that Mike did an excellent job of keeping us all engaged, he ran at a great pace and also had the right tone and manner, he was also very open and honest ”

About Rubuss

Rubuss specialises in using human-centred thinking to help organisations work better with their customers.

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Date: Wed 1 Dec 2021
Where: London

Who is it for?

Contact Centre Managers, Team Managers, Team members and anyone who writes to customers in a contact centre.

Why should you go?

Because you want to learn how to turn writing from a necessary drudge into a superpower.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £299*

Non-members: £349*

*excludes VAT

Additional discounts available for group bookings