Businesses that invest more in CX will see a 70% increase in revenue over the next 3 years! Customers that rate a company with a high CX score (i.e. 10/10 or 5 Star) spend 140% more and remain loyal for up to 6 years.

These are just a few of the advantages of providing customers with a great level of customer service.

In this course we will cover the idea of customer effort, which is one of the most important factors in the customer experience. We will understand what customers’ pain points are and learn some techniques for eliminating them to raise the overall experience.

Course Description

The purpose of this online course is to provide each of the participants with 8 key principles that when applied by everyone across the business will result in a more easy and effortless experience for customers.

Many people think that you can reduce customer effort by slimming down the number of steps and actions a customer has to perform during each service experience. In actual fact that only accounts for around one-third of the total impact.

When customers are asked, it turns out that the their subjective impression of how the frontline staff member made them feel during the service experience is a much larger contributor to how easy (or difficult) they believe the interaction was to complete.

Getting it right is 80% mindset and 20% skill. From putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, to how to avoid customer tennis, once you’ve learned the 8 key principles you’ll be able to tackle both the process and agent-related factors involved in reducing customer effort.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and apply the key Principles of an “Easy” and “Effortless” Customer Experience.
  • Learn about the importance of seeing things through the eyes of the customer and recognise the need to update, add or amend existing processes that are making interactions feel hard for your customers.
  • Appreciate the need to use positive language together with good tone of voice when interacting and engaging with customers.
  • Describe and apply the 6 steps required to complete the perfect warm transfer.
  • Identify the need to assess and address any future issues that customers may be faced with and deal with these “in the moment” by sharing knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • See the impact that effective coaching and feedback has when creating the behavioural changes required to deliver an effortless experience.
  • Consider how senior leaders from across the business can role model the importance of getting the Customer Experience right for every customer during every interaction on every channel.
  • Craft an action plan that can be used to apply all of the learning gained during the course.

Benefits to your business

One of the biggest frustrations that customers have, that makes the Customer Experience feel just like hard work, is being passed around the business from one person to the next as they try in vain to get their query resolved. Customers hate having to repeat their story over and over again as they move through an organisation on a conveyor belt from one internal team to the next.

If promises are broken and customers have to call-back then this just adds to the frustration, especially when the agent who they speak with is unable to locate their original issue. This course will help to address these issues and many more as we share, and bring to life, the 8 key principles required to deliver an easy and effortless Customer Experience.

After attending this course, your organisation’s leaders will be more aware of the impact your day-to-day contact centre operations have on customer effort, and be able to optimise your processes and workflows for that. What’s more you’ll learn how to ensure that your people approach customers and customer issues with a positive ‘can do’ attitude, and coaching based on the ESP and GROW models to make sure they stay on top of their game.

The overall benefit for your business will be an uptick in customer experience as shown in your Customer Satisfaction, NPS and, of course, Customer Effort scores. With 1 in 3 customers ready to leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, this course will help you reduce the chances of that happening.

Course content

  • What is customer effort and how is it measured?
  • Getting into the right mindset – how we Think, Feel and Behave determines our Results.
  • An introduction to the 8 Principles of Ease and Effortless.
  • The importance of seeing things from the customers’ perspective – breakout group exercise.
  • How to make it ‘feel easy’ including famous examples of companies that have done exactly that.
  • Amazon’s secret formula to making it easy.
  • How to adopt a “Can do” attitude and the right language which makes the service experience feel more positive for the customer.
  • Don’t play customer tennis, instead learn how to pass the baton with a warm transfer.
  • Why embracing a “Coaching based culture” is key to providing an easy and effortless Customer Experience
  • Why senior Leaders within the business need to model the importance of Customer Satisfaction.
  • The importance of being a “Problem identifier” and not just a “Problem solver”
  • How to ensure that your frontline Customer Service agents are super productive.

About the trainer

Gavin Scott

With a background in telecommunications, Gavin helped to move O2UK from 4th to 1st in the marketplace for Customer Satisfaction.  During the latter part of his career at O2UK he carried out the role of Leadership Development Consultant.  His responsibilities included designing and delivering a Management Development programme as well as implementing a Coaching culture across the business.

Gavin has worked for a large number of blue-chip organisations as a trainer, facilitator and speaker, focusing specifically on developing behavioural change within organisations, including British Gas, Npower, Severn Trent Water, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, Virgin Media, RAC, cinch, BMW.

When asked what makes Gavin unique, his clients use words like, engaging, dynamic, fresh, thought provoking, storyteller and excellent facilitator of behavioural change.

What delegates say

“It delivered exactly what it set out to, was incredibly relevant and what I was looking for and it was delivered extremely well by Gavin!”

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How to Reduce Customer Effort
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3-hour online session using Zoom or Teams.

Who is it for?

Heads of Customer Service who want to reduce Customer Effort as part of their customer service strategy. Operations Managers within contact centre-based organisations who have a responsibility for Customer Satisfaction. Team Leaders responsible for Customer Service teams who are serious about reducing Customer Effort.

Why should you go?

If you want your customers to be loyal, spend more money, and recommend you to their family and friends then this course will provide you with the key principles that you need to adopt to deliver an easy and effortless Customer Experience.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £249*

Non-members: £349*

*excludes VAT

Additional discounts available for group bookings