Two day training event Delivering Social Customer Service

21st January 2015

 This 2 day Masterclass will help you design your social customer service strategy and define your roadmap to excellence.

15 competencies will be used to build your framework. Each competency is analysed for you in terms of importance, consequences, issues, quick wins,  follow up actions and tips.

1.    Aligning with other customer strategies

2.   Investing in the right leadership style

3.   Mastering social media monitoring

4.   Integrating social and existing infrastructures

5.   Recruiting, training & managing social teams

6.   Maintaining operational alignment

7.   Analysing the right channel mix

8.   Mapping social customer journeys

9.   Using knowledge effectively

10. Gathering & using social customer data

11.  Dealing with traffic bursts and social crises

12.  Developing the right mix of metrics

13. Charting a course to having the best SLAs

14. Adapting ‘Voice of the Customer’ for social

15. Becoming fanatical about service failures.