Tackling the rise in absenteeism

27th October 2014

Last Wednesday the CCMA hosted a fully-booked one-day seminar in London, to help Contact Centre Managers find practical ways to address the issue of advisor absenteeism. Throughout the day delegates had the opportunity to share experiences and to work together to find ways to tackle this growing concern throughout the industry.

Commenting on the event the Contact Centre Manager at Metro Bank, Melissa Santos, said: “The course was delivered in a very professional way. Ann-Marie was a great facilitator and created an atmosphere in which everyone felt able to share their experiences and learn. I certainly took away many useful tips and lots of information on absence management.”

Performance Manager at Home Group, David Molyneux-Johnson adds: “The session was excellent and I particularly enjoyed meeting other professionals from the industry.  It was great to share case studies. The experience validated that we do we have a robust attendance management process that can be further enhanced with best practice gained from the workshop. I would recommend the day wholeheartedly.”

You can learn more about the issues of contact centre absenteeism that were raised at the seminar and get valuable advice from the Chief Executive of the CCMA, Ann-Marie Stagg, in her latest blog for MyCustomer: http://www.mycustomer.com/blogs-post/unemployment-falling-absenteeism-rising-contact-centres/168338