Systems Thinking Seminar FULLY BOOKED

2nd October 2013

Join us at CC Expo where Professor John Seddon from Vanguard will deliver a compelling session on how your contact centre can benefit from adopting a systems thinking culture in a session called...

It's the system stupid!

People-management, activity-management, service-levels, standardisation, front-office/back-office and the like are the lingua-franca of service-centre management. It might be the norm, but it doesn't work very well.

John Seddon will explain why.

Using case material from leading service organisations around the world, John will also illustrate a world that has none of these things and astonishingly better performance: NPS scores you'd envy, revenues rising dramatically and efficiency savings you'd never dream of putting in a plan. And here's the thing: all achieved without a plan!

The case studies show how studying their service centre as a system revealed some painful counterintuitive truths, like managing cost drives your costs up. Studying also teaches leaders what to pay attention to when designing services that work. It opens up a whole new world. Prepare to be disturbed, challenged and inspired.

Biographical information

John Seddon has received numerous academic awards for his innovative contribution to management science. He is the originator of the 'Vanguard Method', the means by which service organisations change from a conventional command-and-control design to a systems design. John is the founder of the Vanguard organisations which, today, operate in nine countries and he is author of many books and publications.