Member visit to LEGO, Slough NOW FULLY BOOKED

18th July 2017

The Contact Centre Team based in Slough recently won the award for European Contact Centre of the Year.

Join us at this event to hear how the team developed an improvement programme to deliver an award winning operation. 

The LEGO Consumer Service Contact Centre in Slough is one of three global contact centres, and primarily serves 17 EMEA countries. Being a toy company, the seasonal nature of their business presents them with special challenges as a third of all annual contacts is received over a 2 months’ period. Headcount varies between 90 and 130 employees. All Consumer Service Advisors speak English and at least another language. The size of the different markets dictates the number of Advisors per language; for example, they have 25 German speakers but only 2 Finnish: so it’s 17 mini contact centres in one!

The best practice topic for this visit is ' Delivering world class service for a world class brand'