Making analytics work in a small contact centre

9th September 2015

Wednesday 9th September

London – Venue TBC

Do you run a small contact centre?

Do you think speech analytics is just for the big centres?

Are you struggling to prove ROI on speech analytics technology because of your size?

A common misconception in the contact centre industry is that speech analytics can only be effective in large contact centres and that it is expensive to run and hard to implement in a small seat contact centre. It’s time to think again!!

This specialist workshop, brought to you by Nexidia, has been designed to prove that analytics can work in centres with less than 50 seats. An interactive session that will show you the power of Nexidia’s ‘Audio Finder’ technology and how it can deliver tangible business benefit by analysing all your calls, improving your approach to Performance, Quality, Compliance and overall Customer Experience.

This valuable workshop will help you:

Discover how analytics can be deployed effectively in a small contact centre

Identify how analytics technology can help solve business problems

Understand how you can effectively communicate to your internal stakeholders the business benefits of implementing this technology

We are offering this workshop FREE to potential end users of the technology, and those that have an interest in analytics for small contact centres. It is advised that to get the best out of this workshop then ideally you should come from a contact centre of no more than 100 seats.

If you are interested in attending please send an email to Zaiba Mian, EMEA Marketing Manager, Nexidia: