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Dyson Gloucester

16th October 2013

Dyson is a technology company.

They took clogging bags out of vacuum cleaners, did away with fast-spinning blades in fans and heaters, and came up with a hand dryer that actually dries your hands. But innovative thinking doesn't stop at the security barriers in RDD. In every department, they're challenged think like engineers – evaluating a problem, and coming up with a better solution.

They're not afraid to take an experimental approach to new ideas, and Customer Service is no exception. They are always examining the service they are offering and exploring new ways of communicating with Dyson owners - the ongoing relationship they have with their customers extends beyond the duration of our 5-year guarantee.

The first Dyson vacuum cleaner launched in 1993. Each machine included a prominent sticker with our Helpline number, so Dyson owners wouldn't have to look far for our contact details if they ever needed to get in touch. A small innovation, but one their customers appreciated – and this customer-focussed attention to detail has always remained central to what they do.

Now Online customer Service is a big focus for them and their multi-channel Contact Centre is geared for telephone contact, email and written correspondence, Social Media and web-based Online Support and Live Chat.