Life Ledger

Life Ledger is a free, easy-to-use, service helping the recently bereaved inform businesses across the UK of the death of a loved one. Our platform reduces the administrative burden around death and simplifies the death notification process for both the bereaved and the companies they need to inform. By providing a single point from which they can notify all of the companies connected to the deceased, Life Ledger combines all the individual company touchpoints into one clear, connected process and removes the need for families to repeat the same process over and over again. But it isn’t just the bereaved families that benefit from connecting the dots. For business, partnering with Life Ledger has the potential to transform their interaction with the bereaved into a frictionless process that saves time and resource for both parties. Companies simply define what they need to know and where they would like the information sent. The service packages and delivers what is needed via email or our API. The bereaved have a simpler and less stressful experience and contact centre teams are fully informed, can check, take the required action, and respond confidently in moments.

For more information on the Life Ledger service contact Robert Black on 07881 915452 or email him at

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