The importance of leadership skills in the workplace is clear.  Poor people management in the UK costs employers a significant sum of money each year in grievances, churn, recruitment and poor service.  Whereas great leaders drive employee satisfaction, shareholder value and company performance.

In today’s context of uncertainty, the way our leaders manage themselves and others is more important than ever.

Leadership is the sum of many skills and styles and in this workshop, we will explore the attributes of an inspirational leader.

Course Description

The workshop is designed to provide a flexible approach and enable more than a theory-based course.

Participants will be invited to complete an online personal development questionnaire based on 18 leadership attributes.  On completion, they’ll receive a report giving them insight into their leadership styles and strengths, with questions for reflection and suggestions to help ‘raise their game’.

Following the course, coaching sessions are available to help embed the learning to support leaders on their journey.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore the impact of poor leadership
  • Discuss the positive effect of inspirational leadership on job satisfaction
  • Unpack what effective and ineffective behaviours look like in the workplace
  • Do a deep-dive into the attributes that makes for inspirational leadership
  • Uncover a common mistake leaders make
  • Raise individual awareness of leadership strengths and lower natural strengths.
  • Use a framework to craft a 12-month personal development plan

Benefits to your business

Leadership skills training helps managers at all levels to unlock their full potential, inspire their teams and achieve sustainable business results. 

Successful leaders …

  • Transform organisations
  • Align individual, team and organisational objectives
  • Engage employees and decrease employee turnover
  • Have confidence to make decisions and increase their impact
  • Have good self-awareness that leads to self-correcting

This workshop teaches managers to become leaders.  Participants will be introduced to the attributes that make for inspirational leaders along with tips and habits used by successful leaders.

Course content

Option 1: Workshop only

In the initial 4-hour workshop on Zoom all delegates will participate in group exercises to explore issues around leadership. From discussing the impact of different leadership styles, attendees will discover what kind of leader they are, and differentiate between their effective and ineffective behaviours.

Option 2: Workshop with 1 hour coaching session

To help you put your learning into practice opt in for a 60-min coaching session to unpack your profile results, raise your awareness around your areas of strength and identify opportunities for ongoing development.

Option 3: Workshop with 3×1-hour coaching sessions

To cultivate your learning experience and enjoy tangible results, invest in your future by signing up for three, 60-min coaching sessions. This way you will quickly see results balanced with time to try out new ideas in between sessions and to reflect on your progress. During these sessions the outcome of your leadership profile will be debriefed and we will come up with carefully designed performance goals to set you up for success beyond this programme.

About the trainer

Christelle Correia: Christelle’s background includes 20+ years of leading and influencing business operations within Financial Services across EMEA. Drawing from her own experience, she developed a passion to equip managers to be more effective and happier in their workplace and went on to found Casting Crowns Coaching. As an award-winning leader, Christelle has a deep understanding of leadership dynamics within Business Operations. She uses her extensive experience to inspire individuals and teams to identify interference that may prevent them from reaching their full potential.

What delegates say

“I like how interactive the training was and the motivation it gave me to better myself and my skills.

The 1-2-1 coaching sessions were very beneficial and have really boosted my confidence and helped me tackle issues.

Very insightful.  As a call centre manager, I’ve not had this experience before.”

Upcoming Dates

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Develop Managers into Leaders
Date: Tue 5 Nov 2024
Where: Online

Date: Fri 13 Sep 2024
Where: Online


4-hour workshop using Zoom or Teams. Optional 1 or 3-hour one-on-one coaching sessions.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for your organisation’s aspiring and established leaders, from team leader level to mid-level and senior managers in contact centre operations and specialist roles.

Why should you go?

To understand what type of leader you are, how to be a more effective leader, and fulfil your potential.

How much is it?

Option 1 – Workshop Only

  • £249 for members, £349 for non-members

Option 2 – Workshop with 1-hour coaching session

  • £399 for members, £499 for non-members

Option 3 – Workshop with 3×1-hour coaching sessions

  • £699 for members, £799 for non-members

*excludes VAT

Additional discounts available for group bookings