Are you a Team Leader or Manager who recognises that your team has become dependent on you to find solutions to their daily problems?

Do you find yourself offering guidance and solutions because it’s quicker to do so and because you want to be supportive?

If spending time problem solving and ‘Telling’ stop you from working on tasks which help you to achieve your objectives, then this is the course for you.

You’ll learn what coaching is and when it is the right time to coach. Proven tools and models will be used to aid your learning, leaving you confident to put your own coaching style into practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and agree the benefits of Coaching vs a Directive approach.
  • Agree the beliefs and principles required when coaching your team members.
  • Explore strategies that will help you develop your listening skills to a deep level.
  • Practise the application of the GROW Coaching Model to structure an effective coaching conversation and achieve great outcomes.
  • Use a variety of coaching tools, such as Performance Wheel, and Learning Styles to enhance your coaching sessions.
  • Apply effective strategies to coach individuals with limiting/negative beliefs which impact performance.
  • Apply your coaching skills to help individuals who feel ‘stuck’ or lack motivation.
  • Use the ‘ABIDE’ Coaching Model, created by your facilitator (Jacqui Turner,) to help your team members achieve better and smarter outcomes.


Two x 3-hour online session (with a break), using Zoom.

What delegates say

“The training delivery from Jacqui was absolutely excellent. I also liked that I have been provided with several different coaching tools which can be applicable for multiple circumstances.”

About the trainer

Jacqui is an award-winning Trainer with 25 years training and coaching experience. Prior to starting her own training company, Jacqui Turner enjoyed a very successful 27 year career in Training and Management roles, working within contact centres across Insurance, Financial Services, Retail and Utility sectors.

Achievements have included ‘Welsh Contact Centre Trainer of the Year 2014’ and a finalist in the National Contact Centre awards for the most effective training programme.

Course content

  • What is Coaching?

Learn what Coaching is and understand why it’s an important skills for individuals who manage people in contact centers

  • When is it right to coach?

Attendees will assess when it’s right to coach and when its right to be directive. Along with examining the potential negative impact of telling team members what to do and how to do it.

  • Key Coaching Principles

Discuss and Agree the critical beliefs, behaviours and principles required of a manager who coaches.

  • Develop your Listening Skills to a deep Level

Learn how the brain filters information and understand how this can act as a listening barrier.

  • GROW Coaching model

You will be introduced to the ‘GROW’ Coaching Model and apply it during a practise coaching session within zoom breakout rooms

  • How limiting and negative beliefs impact performance

You will be introduced to the ‘Belief Cycle’ and explore how positive and negative belief cycles drive positive/negative behaviour and thereby result in the outcomes achieved.

  • How Coaching can help team members change a limiting/negative belief and achieve better outcomes

Explore coaching questions and techniques that can help individuals recognise the part their own beliefs and mindset play in achieving current results

  • How Learning Styles can impact your coaching style and the results you achieve.

You will have completed a learning styles questionnaire prior to the session. Therefore, during this session, you will explore your results and discuss how your preferred learning style(s) can impact your coaching style.

You will also explore ways to adapt your coaching style to meet the needs of your team members

  • The use of a Performance Wheel to coach individuals across a range of performance levels.

You will be introduced to a Performance Wheel to enhance your coaching sessions. This tool can be used for coaching team members at all levels of performance standards, from under-performers through to high-performers.

  • Coaching individuals who feel ‘stuck’ and lack motivation.

There are times when you may notice a team member is lacking motivation and thereby not taking positive steps to achieve better outcomes. This part of the workshop will introduce you to ‘Pleasure and Pain’ theory and a coaching activity to help individuals find the motivation to move forward.

  • Abide Coaching Model

You will be introduced to the ‘Abide’ model, as an alternative to ‘GROW’. This model has been created by Jacqui Turner, to effectively coach contact centre teams and help them overcome barriers such as a ‘limiting’ belief about what they are capable of achieving.

You will practise the application of this model during break out room coaching sessions.

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Coaching Skills for Team Managers
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Who is it for?

Contact Centre Team Leaders and Managers and anyone who wants to move into a team leader or coaching role.

Why should you go?

To create a high performance team.

How much is it?

CCMA members: £349*

Non-members: £399*

*excludes VAT

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