It’s that exciting time of year where we start preparing for CCMA Benchmarking. For UK contact centre leaders and members of the CCMA, we offer an exclusive online benchmarking tool that assesses your contact centre performance against 25+ core customer, operational and people KPIs.

Benchmarking delivers a personalised report, which highlights how your contact centre’s performance compares against industry peers and across a range of sectors. Insights gathered allow you to drive your contact centre forward, supporting business cases for improvement and allowing you to make informed decisions across key areas of the business.

We are working with our partner Sabio, that operates the online benchmarking tool. The portal gives you an independent, reliable, and authoritative view of where you need to focus your budget, time, and resources to optimise customer and business outcomes.

The CCMA Benchmarking is conducted annually, with registration opening on 4 December 2023. The  portal will be open for submissions on 2 January 2024 and will be open for one month to submit your data.

The CCMA Benchmarking assesses your contact centre’s performance across a range of metrics, including customer, operational and people measures. One of the key areas covered in the CCMA Benchmarking is customer measures. These include overall Net Promoter Score (NPS), First Contact Resolution (FCR) score, call quality and monitoring volumes, the number of customer channels deployed, and average response time across channels etc. These metrics are crucial in providing insights into helping you enhance your customer service experience when measuring against your peers.

Operational measures such as total shrinkage, team manager ratio, and the number of concurrent interactions which an advisor handles are also covered in the Benchmarking. These metrics provide an in-depth understanding of how your contact centre is performing in terms of operational efficiency, helping you identify areas where your processes can be streamlined when compared to other contact centres.

People measures, such as total advisor absence, attrition, working week, and training hours per advisor are also assessed. These metrics are crucial in determining the quality of your team and identifying areas where additional training or support is needed.

“We find the CCMA benchmarking exercise really valuable in understanding how we compare with other businesses across a whole range of customer, operational and people metrics. The robust methodology and the index give real confidence when sharing the insight with stakeholders. It always provokes debate and discussion amongst the team when we receive it, then we pull on it through the year to answer specific queries or questions that arise.”

Strategy Manager Customer Care at The Very Group

What is the difference between CCMA Benchmarking and the Contact Centre Standards Framework?

Benchmarking measures a contact centre’s output and compares it to market trends and peers in the industry.

Unlike benchmarking, which focuses on measuring outputs, the Standards Framework measures the inputs into the contact centre. This approach provides a comprehensive view of the contact centre’s strategy, customer experience, colleague engagement, and organisational culture. An independent assessment by an industry expert ensures impartiality and accuracy in the evaluation process and results in Accreditation of your contact centre.

While benchmarking can provide valuable insights into how a contact centre stacks up against industry trends and peers, it does not provide the comprehensive view of the inputs that contribute to a contact centre’s success. The CCMA’s Contact Centre Standards Framework complements the CCMA Benchmarking by providing a holistic view of the contact centre’s operations, enabling businesses to leverage their strengths and improve their weaknesses. By using both Benchmarking and the Standards Framework, contact centres can achieve a level of excellence and operational efficiency that sets them apart in the industry.

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