Benchmark FAQ

As a member of the CCMA you have access to an online benchmarking tool that assesses contact centre performance against 20 core metrics covering customer, operational and people measures. If you participate you will receive a personalised report showing your performance against the benchmark, plus guidance on areas for improvement.

What is my data benchmarked against?

CCMA Benchmark is powered by Sabio Index, the UKs largest contact centre benchmarking survey.

When is the benchmarking portal open?

The benchmarking portal will open on 1 July 2019 and will close on 9 August 2019.

Why is the benchmarking portal only open for one month?

As well as benchmarking against the data held in the Sabio Index, your data will also be benchmarked against other CCMA members.

When will I get my benchmark report?

You will receive your benchmark report between 19-30 August 2019.

Will there be another opportunity to use the CCMA Benchmark?

Yes, the benchmarking portal will open every six months. Once you have registered you will be invited to participate each time, unless you unsubscribe.

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