Benchmark FAQ

As a member of the CCMA you have access to an online benchmarking tool that assesses contact centre performance against 25 core metrics covering customer, operational and people measures. If you participate you will receive a personalised report showing your performance against the benchmark, plus guidance on areas for improvement.

What is the process upon registering?

Once you have registered, a username and password would be sent to you when the portal opens giving you access to the online data gathering portal.  All participants have one month to submit their data and then bespoke reports will be sent in March.

What is my data benchmarked against?

CCMA Benchmark is powered by Sabio Index, the UKs largest contact centre benchmarking survey.

When is the benchmarking portal open?

The benchmarking portal will open on 4 January 2023 and will close on 3 February 2023.

Why is the benchmarking portal only open for one month?

As well as benchmarking against the data held in the Sabio Index, your data will also be benchmarked against other CCMA members.

When will I get my benchmark report?

You will receive your benchmark report before the end of March 2022.

Will there be another opportunity to use the CCMA Benchmark?

Yes, the CCMA will be opening the portal on an annual basis.

Does the contact centre have to be a particular size?

No – although <20 seats may not deliver as much value.

Can I submit data for more than one department?

It is possible to register to submit data for more than one department. Each department will need to register with a different company email address. Do not use the same email address as this will overwrite the existing data.

There is however a maximum of 3 submissions per member organisation – so we do suggest you coordinate internally when registering.

What is the time frame that is being benchmarked?

This year, the CCMA Benchmark is looking to benchmark data from a 12 month period, 1 January to 31 December.

How long does it take?

It depends how easily you can access the data. Uploading the data into the system will take just a couple of hours, but you may require a couple of days to gather the data if it is not to hand.

Is the data collected confidential?

Yes – all data is anonymised into industry averages and peer groups.

Will I see the names of the companies that we are benchmarked against?

The benchmarking exercise is anonymous. You will not see the names of any other organisation.

How is the CCMA protecting my personal data?

CCMA holds your personal data in high regard. As per the CCMA Privacy Policy, the CCMA is processing your data through a third party, Sabio, appointed by us in order to process your data for legitimate interests and to deliver the service you have registered for. We have taken appropriate steps to maintain our contact information in a secure environment to prevent unauthorised use. Our processors are bound by contract to do the same.

You may opt out of this programme at any time by email, telephone or post. If you wish to opt out, you can do so by emailing

Can I suggest changes to what you are benchmarking?

The CCMA is always open to hearing what you think about the services it provides. If you would like to suggest changes to what the CCMA benchmarks, please email and we will consider y our request. However, it may not be feasible to include your suggestions.

Will Sabio contact me if I participate?

CCMA has asked Sabio to support our members through the programme. If you participate but do not complete the process, Sabio will contact you to offer support. Once you have received your report, Sabio will contact you to offer advice and guidance. You do not have to engage with Sabio during or after the process.