Understanding how well your contact centre operates can help you focus your time and investments into improving the right areas to deliver an improved customer and employee experience.

From talking with our members we recognise that there are some organisations that just want to compare their performance against a small number of core metrics. For those member organisations we have created the CCMA Benchmark.

The CCMA Benchmark is an online tool that assesses contact centre performance against 20 core metrics covering customer, operational and people measures. It is free to participate and the opportunity to take part is every 6 months.

For other organisations, getting deep insight into their contact centre performance and how it benchmarks against their sector peers gives them the intel to make much more informed decisions. The CCMA recommends that member organisations use the Sabio Index to do a more comprehensive benchmarking exercise. The Sabio Index compares your performance against 70 metrics and can benchmark at a more granular level.

Organisations that participate in the CCMA Benchmark programme have an opportunity to get their contact centre performance benchmarked against the Sabio Index at a preferential rate.

CCMA Benchmark against 20 metrics

As a member of the CCMA you have access to a free online benchmarking tool that assesses contact centre performance against 20 core metrics covering customer, operational and people measures. If you participate you will receive a personalised report showing your performance against the benchmark, plus guidance on areas for improvement.

These are just some of the reasons why taking part in the CCMA Benchmark is good for business:

  • Find out how your contact centre performance compares to your peers
  • Understand where to focus your time and money to make improvements
  • Use the opportunity to increase morale and motivation in your team
  • Raise the credibility of your contact centre internally by celebrating your results
  • Gain the confidence to enter industry awards
  • It’s a free member benefit
  • Get preferential rates on the Sabio Index


How it works

The study takes place every six months. Participating organisations provide data against a series of core questions during a one-month window.

The responses are analysed. Correlations are drawn and scores provided against 20 key contact centre metrics. A report is then sent to individual participants.

Each report states the score for the participant compared to the score in the Sabio Index, the UKs largest benchmarking survey tool. Additional commentary is provided giving guidance on areas for improvement.

For more information read the FAQ.

Which metrics are benchmarked?

Customer Measures

Customer Measures look at metrics such as NPS, average response times and the average length of time a customer spends in call routing.

Operational Measures

Operational Measures include abandon rate, team manager to advisor ratio and target shrinkage.

People Measures

People Measures consider advisor starting salaries, training hours and advisor absence.

About Sabio Index

Sabio Index is the UKs largest online benchmarking tool. It is an easy to use online portal enabling you to benchmark your most relevant customer service and digital metrics against your peers and the industry. It gives you an independent, reliable and authoritative view of where you need to focus your budget, time and resources to optimise customer and business outcomes.

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