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InsightNow is an innovative company at the forefront of providing real-time consumer interaction and experience management. We use a variety of unique tools and techniques to help clients identify the gap between their strategic aspirations for customer experience and business performance and the current reality from the perspective of their customers, their frontline staff and compared to their peer group. We gather data via real-time customer experience surveys, employee engagement surveys, internal and external benchmarks and detailed business analysis to:

Understand rates of Call Resolution and Repeat Call Rates by call type/skill-set.
Identify the value and failure points that exist within the business.
Measure the financial consequences of failure and value creation opportunities.
Develop the roadmap to deliver Connected Performance value for customers, value for employees and value for the organisation.
This insight facilitates step change performance improvements, leading to improved customer experience whilst simultaneously reducing costs (or increasing capacity) through improved operating efficiency.

We operate in Europe, Africa and North America.

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Phone: 0207 492 1895